We always try to show our love of the Midland/Odessa music scene by incorporating elements that both the scene itself, and us value. Filming the video for Runaway at Cactus House helped preserve a very special weekend to us with performing there the night prior in an effort to help a friend to the scene. Seeing people come together, to support another human being while sharing a love for where we all come from is a beautiful thing. It makes me so proud to call West Texas Here Lies the Hero’s home. 

Me personally coming into West Texas as a touring musician from a totally different market overseas, was beyond exciting once I ran into the HLTH guys and went to my first show at The Pine Box in Midland. It felt like being welcomed into a family and a really special club. I’ve never felt that kind of unity and welcome in my previous scene on the other side of the world. It has been the best experience ever growing with Here Lies the Hero and being a part of West Texas’ music culture. 

In the 20 years that I have been in the music industry, Odessa is still my all-time favorite home and market. We’ve moved around a lot as a band, and have been all over the country performing, but Odessa will always be home and I know I speak for all of Here Lies the Hero when I say that we will always do whatever we can to preserve the excitement in this scene and put Odessa, TX on the map for up and coming bands in the music industry. 

I hope all of our friends and family in Midland/Odessa love this new life that we have breathed into Here Lies the Hero with new music and a focus on giving back to the place that has given us so much. Here’s to “Runaway” being just the beginning. 

All my love to you, Midessa. 

- James


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