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Scene Health 

The West-Texas music scene has experienced so many great bands and venues. It's not easy thriving in a location where the predominant industry and demographic is geared towards our nation's oil industry. The market here can appear to be saturated with a lot of closed mindedness, ignorance, and lack of musical interest in general. Artistic patrons (at least in Midland/Odessa) are usually those that prefer classical arts and turn their noses up at the sight of a struggling musician with tattoos and ripped jeans. There's a total clash of class and demographics/psychographics that appear to keep those of us that want to make something of ourselves with our music down in the dumps. 

It isn't the region we're in that is to blame, however; at least not in 2022. What we need is, a) the will to persevere in the face of adversity and b) the support from experience individuals that are willing to help. If we all choose to bond together as a scene and look at this place as grounds to start something unprecedented here, the health of the scene will be able to grow through the shade of excuses why bands can't make it. Those excuses are bullshit.

This had me thinking... I want us to all be successful and I think I can help. I have spent almost twenty years in the music industry around the world. I have started in South-East Asia in the pop-punk world to Los Angeles in the in the pop world as a paid session bass guitarists. I have years of experience touring through venues across both the eastern and western hemispheres. I have years worth of education; earning degrees and diplomas in music performance and music business with Berklee College of Music (Midland College, too... go chaparrals!) All of that experience and education spans across playing shows, music marketing, venue management, music writing, publishing, and band management. Why not put all of this to good use in helping a scene I see so much potential in grow up to be a musical destination in Texas?! 

We're in a great spot. West-Texas is part of a vast, desolate region that stands between national acts touring from the western states (namely Arizona and sometimes New Mexico) to the major cities here in Texas. This means we have an opportunity to capitalize on bands looking for a spot to break up their drive between cities. That opens up opportunities for efficiently run venues to draw in assertive, local promoters, to book national bands paired with prepared (performance and digitally marketed) local talent.

We can do this, and I can help. It's easier to go to someone that knows how and where to guide you, and can partner up with you, rather than searching the internet only to be taken advantage of some shady asshole that wants to sit at home and have is income roll through PayPal from unsuspecting, yet eager bands (I've been taken advantage of several times, too). I'm here for all of you. If you need help or advice, I got you. If you want to partner up, and see where the journey takes us, I'm up for that too. 

You all can always reach out to me via email (, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If there's a lot of you, maybe I make a podcast or YouTube series (maybe I do it regardless). Either way, I want to help. We have a golden opportunity here to rise out of nowhere from nothingness. No one would know what hit 'em. Ya'll are talented and driven and you CAN turn this into more than a hobby. I believe in and love this scene. 


- James



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