New Music - "Runaway"

We've been eager to get back to writing and releasing music. After several months of configuring a way for all of us to work from a distance, with myself living in Houston and the rest of the guys back in Odessa, we managed to get things on track. We want to be able to release a string of singles in an effort to focus solely on each song as they stand individually. 

There is so much that we put into all of this, and we're very proud to have overcome the trials we have faced over the last couple of years to get to this point. We hope to be a lot more prominent in our beloved home of Texas and and work to frequently release the music we are so proud of. 

I want to thank Adam Paul Stone for always sticking by us throughout the years and bringing our music into a new, visual light. He is always a phone call away, and instantly down to work with us on whatever idea we come up with; no matter how laborious. I also want to make a huge shout-out to our boy Shane Gould from The Animal in Me. Shane breathed life into this song and knew exactly what we were going for in this new HLTH direction. Shane KILLED it on our Adrift EP, and he killed in on "Runaway", as well. 

I know September 1st is a long way out, but we have a lot to accomplish before this particular release comes out, so we can keep up momentum with future releases! Ya'll will be hearing from us soon!

Lots of love!

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- James


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